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Company Overview

Transcensus™, Inc. is a healthcare services and technology company that specializes in providing preventative, post-acute and long term care to the frail elderly population across the greater continuum of care. This segment of the population is growing faster than any other and, at present, without consideration for future growth, consumes almost half of the total healthcare dollars in the entire United States.

The elderly population in the United States, 65 and over is projected to double in the next decade. Our core clinical strengths include nationally recognized leaders in geriatrics, palliative care and specialists who are most engaged with the elderly population of the United States. Our core technological strengths include our healthcare platform-as-a-service designed to facilitate all of the software and technology needs of facilities that house the complex frail elderly population combined with our American Health Information Exchange, a National fully connected built in Health Information Exchange, powering interoperability amongst stakeholders in the continuum of care.
Transcensus™ is a next generation care delivery model. Simply put, we prevent unnecessary hospitalizations, costly readmissions while improving quality of life and outcomes. In many instances, patients following our Company‚Äôs clinical protocols live longer and have a lower total cost of healthcare.

When combining our clinical protocols with our Technology Platform, we are able to create a scalable care delivery system. There is so much waste in the current fee for service system, in particular surrounding this demographic, that we are positioned to readily perform this task in exemplary fashion.

"To shepherd assisted living communities across the healthcare divide
by connecting the continuum of care to the resident in the community."

- The Transcensus™ Mission -

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