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Please select from the below categories.
These Agreements and Forms are designed to be reviewed,
filled, dated and signed by you electronically.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”)

Looking to become a Business Partner. Please fill this out and sign online to get started.

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Business Associate Agreement (“BAA”)

BAA’s are required by law for HIPAA Compliance. Please select the BAA that best applies.

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Patient Authorization Forms

These forms apply to Patients and Guardians. Please click on the icon above to select form(s).

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Employee Forms

Key Employee Forms and Agreements are found here. Please select to view and fill forms.

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Technology Integration Agreement (“TIA”)

Required for software and/or hardware integration that ties into Platform technologies.

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Electronic Funds Transfer ("EFT")

Client electronic payment in lieu of checks in the mail. Please fill out this online form to get started.

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